Babe Rainbow - Accidental Strings

Hi, now you can stream this on Soundcloud.

I started to mixdown a song I had neglected for almost a year and found a bunch of discarded ideas for a lead melody that didn’t make the final mix. There were five discarded melodies in all. As I listened to each back-to-back they seemed to accidentally form a song structure. So I moved the pieces around a bit and mixed them down. Here’s the results.

It’s kind of beautiful, kind of cacophonous. A happy accident. 

A Musical Genre Without a Name--That You Should Absolutely Listen To : The New Yorker

Babe Rainbow got a mention in the New Yorker article on the brilliant Tri Angle Records. Bless.

This is from around September ‘10. I think I only played this out like 2 or 3 times. Otherwise sat in the iTunes.

In the same week of Feb ‘10, maybe the second song produced on the new set up, I recorded this sexy little number affectionately titled “Birthday Sex.”

Here’s a clown-ish demo I made back in February of 2010. I think it was the first track I made when I switched from producing on my clamshell Macbook to my desktop iMac. You can really hear the difference?

Here’s a little song I wrote on piano about my girlfriend’s decisions.


Gray House

Hi friends, I (Babe Rainbow) am scoring my first film. It’s an experimental documentary by Austin Lynch called ‘Gray House’. There are lots of incredible people working on it, including your friend and mine, Matthew Booth. 

As we all know, documentaries don’t have tons of commercial potential. Experimental ones have even less. So the team is trying to raise a paltry $25k (of the $100k budget) to start filming. Please read more about the film and consider donating. It’s a really fantastic concept with real visionaries at the helm.

This gorgeous video has me driving a black ‘98 Saturn in military fatigues at night along the I-278 between NY/NJ. It was a real nightmare for me to film because I hate driving at night on highways in new cities. Impressed? Donate 

New Babe Rainbow #demos


It’s so smooth and sexy

back making music again :)

Babe Rainbow - Life Is Just An Empty Dream (Demo)

Babe Rainbow x The Jealous Guys - Wasted Youth (Rough Mix)

In the summer of 2011, Davey Boy Smith linked me with Bay Area’s the Jealous Guys. They loved my Punks Jump Up To Get Beat and intended to use it on their next mixtape. As things progressed they ended up working exclusively with Zodiac instead of a melange of producers (like most tapes). No hard feelings, of course. They song still came out pretty hype.


The Grill

If you’re into laughter and grilled meats you’ll probably love this trailer for a web series that doesn’t exist yet. Watch it and share it and help make the dreams of these young men and women come true. I helped with the music.

Music by that guy occasionally known as Babe Rainbow.


Issue - Touch The Clouds (Prod. by Babe Rainbow)

Going through the archives and found this collab from 2011. Shouts to big Davey Boy Smith for the connection.