Babe Rainbow x The Jealous Guys - Wasted Youth (Rough Mix)

In the summer of 2011, Davey Boy Smith linked me with Bay Area’s the Jealous Guys. They loved my Punks Jump Up To Get Beat and intended to use it on their next mixtape. As things progressed they ended up working exclusively with Zodiac instead of a melange of producers (like most tapes). No hard feelings, of course. They song still came out pretty hype.



“I Can Try to Run (Stuck)” by Babe Rainbow

[i am sure that this is the most psychologically “disturbing” song i’ve ever heard. you HAVE to experience it. it is utterly brilliant and beautiful - seriously. it’s not triggering or relating to any specific fear, it’s a mostly instrumental track that is like madness “personified.” i’ve never heard anything like it!]